PLASTONIL is a company dedicated to the transformation of plastic through the Injection process. It was incorporated in 2009, after several years under another name. It is oriented to high technical grade parts related to the railway sector, mainly, but it also provides parts to other sectors.

Plastonil has modern machinery specialized in the transformation of plastic by thermo-injection processes. Said machinery is modern and adapted to the physiology of the pieces made. Currently, there is a park of renovated machinery, with a capacity from 60TM to 200TM. The facilities are perfectly equipped to carry out manufacturing and storage tasks, with approximately 1,000 square meters of floor space. The facilities are made up of two warehouses, one where the transformation-production processes are carried out and the other for storage.


The Direction of PLASTONIL has oriented its Quality Management System for the TRANSFORMANTION OF PLASTICS BY INJECTION AND BLOWING PROCESS. SPECIALTY IN PLASTIC PARTS FOR THE RAILWAY SECTOR, with the mission and objective of offering an excellent service and a product with the quality expected by its customers. This object is the transformation of plastics by injection process, with the specialty of creating plastic parts for the railway sector.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, PLASTONIL established direct communication channels, which allow it to keep its clients informed, at any time, both in advice and in the status of their requests. 

PLASTONIL, bets on perfecting the internal functioning of the organization and the communication between the members, maintaining a high competitiveness through the technical and operational training of the personnel. For this, the quality that customers demand is planned, managing and ensuring compliance.


Through this Quality policy, PLASTONIL is committed to meeting the requirement and continually improving the effectiveness of the implemented quality management system. This Quality Policy establishes the appropriate framework to meet the quality objectives set periodically, involving the people of the organization in their compliance.


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Plastonil collaborates directly with companies around the world to carry out properly developed plastic parts together with the client, for this type of infrastructure.  We have our own patents on products suitable for this purpose.  We collaborate closely with world leaders in various infrastructure processes, designing, developing, and manufacturing plastic parts for the whole world: Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Russia, Cuba, Persian Gulf countries, Italy …

PLASTONIL teams up with various companies to International level of the railway sector, with which it works and maintains constant contacts to carry out innovative projects.  Plastonil, in a continuous process of expansion and adaptation to current times, is immersed in the implementation of the ISO g001 STANDARD.  It is a very requirement of the company’s policy, as well as that of its customers, its implementation as a seal of Quality.


PLASTONIL PIEZAS PLÁSTICAS S.L. has recently obtained the certification ISO 9001:2015.
The certification has been granted BURAEU VERITAS Certification, first private company of Certification in Spain, under ENAC Certification Nº04/C-SCOO4, for its plant, and dedicated to the TRANSFORMATION OF PLASTICS BY INJECTION. SPECIALITY IN PLASTICS FOR THE RAILWAY SECTOR.

This certification confirm the good practices of PLASTONIL PIEZAS PLÁSTICAS, S.L. and recognizes the maturity and effectiveness from your System of Management of quality, at the same time that ratifies its commitment to continuous improvement.
In this way, it is recognized internacionally the effort and dedication from all the team of PLASTONIL PLASTIC PIECES, S.L. for providing effective answers to the needs of its clients and reaffirms its strong focus to business excellence.